Regular Products

Shinsei Daiginjo Hisetsu

Using Krobe Spring Water with full of natural minerals and high ranked Yamada-Nishiki Rice which is ground for 60 hours.

Maboroshinotaki Junmai Daiginjo

Good for real sake lovers.

Daiginjo Maboroshinotaki Okuhikyo

Brewed in small sized tanks, Okuhikyo has fruity Ginjo aroma expressed as melon and balanced dry taste with slight rice sweetness.

Daiginjo Maboroshinotaki

Daiginjo Maboroshinotaki has firm flavor and light texture.

Junmai Ginjo Maborosinotaki

Awarded Gold medals of “Sake best served with wine glass” for three years consecutively.

Maboroshinotaki Honryo

It has dry and solid taste.

Jyosen Goka Kiippon

This sake has dry and solid taste which is good for daily dinner. Best served in room temperature and warmed. ...

Maboroshinotaki Meisuinokura Tokubetujyunmaisyu

Its smoothness in mouth and simple aroma are good by chilled and warmed.

Namachozo Maboroshinotaki

Its soft taste is good for any dishes.

Maboroshinotaki Junmai Sparkling CLOUDY SOUR

Its soft taste is good for any dishes.